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"0.4" is the key to success

As described in German "industry 4.0" and "intelligent service", the future belongs to innovation, and belongs to the value creation mode oriented by individual customer demand. The development boundary of "industry 4.0" is not the boundary between countries, but the boundary between multinational corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the long run, it is not enough to produce high-quality products and mechanical equipment. Today, the principle of developing industry is to digitize everything that can be digitized, and thus to open up a new mode of value creation. To this end, we use the concept of "industry 4.0" to describe this vision. The core of "industry 4.0" is the real-time networking of industrial processes, so that people can buy customized products at the price of mass-produced products. This is possible in all walks of life. At present, sports goods manufacturer Adidas can only mass produce running shoes, but in the future, customers will measure the size in the store, and "express factory" will produce a pair of running shoes that fit on the spot after receiving the data. The built-in sensor of running shoes can also collect running data and feedback for improving production.

"Intelligent service" refers to the economic model oriented by users' personal habits and preferences. For example, young people no longer have to buy a car. Instead, they use the "shared car rental" service or refer to the best bus mode provided by mobile phone software. The future of the industrial sector also belongs to this kind of packaged service. The machinery used for production can be provided as a "service" on demand and paid according to the actual use time.


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