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Valve Body Making Rotary Boring Tapping Cutting Special Machine

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Brass valve making machine / rotary transfer machine / beass valve special machine

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  • one time finish
  • high efficiency
  • speed is fast
  • quoting ltalian technology
  • high precision

Product Details

Italian technology.transfer vertical rotation station 2 direction 5 axis.broing/tapping  transfer  ball valve cap valve processing special machine  

This machine adopts schneider PLC programmable controller control.The operation control is flexible and convenient.Can connect intelligent manufacturing control system.Ensure the efficiency of machine tools.The device has a wide operating window.Convenient workpiece entry and fixture replacement.

The workpiece is clamped in the machine tool one-time  Armor,6 station Vertical rotation of station rotary table.Synchronous clamp turn  5 close 1 open.Each functional power head,Three directions simultaneously complete broing/tapping  process.According to customer product drawing processing standard requirements.To complete the finished product in one time.Lean production.

The bed structure is made of HT300 as a whole.According to the process, three times of aging treatment.Minimize internal stress.Ensure no deformation.All holes for power heads and datumplane.The five-sided CNC machining center is used for one-time processing.Perfect to ensure mounting accuracy.

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